Surface Cleaner


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Surface cleaner is the spray detergent with sanitising action. Thanks to its practical dispenser, it can be sprayed directly onto various types of surfaces, with no need to rinse.


sanitizing various types of surfaces, as well as brushes, combs, tools, mobile phones, tablets, and PC screens.


  • Spray onto the desired surface, from a distance of about 20cm;
  • Polish the area with a cloth.

Do not rinse.


sanitizing formula that is effective, practical and a pleasure to use thanks to:

  • 65% alcohol;
  • delicate citrus scent: pleasant and gentle, with a clean feel.

Surface Cleaner does not need to be rinsed, it leaves no streaks and dries in no time.
The vegan formula does not contain animal-derived ingredients.
250ml bottle with practical spray dispenser for even application on the various types of surfaces.


65% alcohol, paraben free, vegan formula.

250 ml.